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Family Portraits_Your Most Important Photographs

Before making the photo I moved individual members around to more evenly distribute the light and dark tones to make a more cohesive image

My promise to you is to produce photographs of your loved ones that explore the joy of childhood, the intimacy and interdependency of the family unit and the love you have for each other.

When photographing children it is the character, the very essence of your child, that I work to convey. Impish, fun loving, gentle or excitable all children are beautiful and are to be cherished. Beautiful photographs will last a lifetime and beyond. The pictures we make together will become iconic memories that will live on for decades. Every time you look at them you’ll remember that most special time in the lives of your most loved ones.

Natural Light Rules

If you’re looking for natural, timeless photographs, that you’ll enjoy viewing for many years to come, then it’s important that your images be made with the aid of natural light. During the warmer months the light is more suitable to photography early morning and late afternoon when it displays a soft, flattering character that produces simply beautiful portraits.

Nature is the ideal environment for a gentle soul


You may wish to have the photography session at your own home. It’s a great idea and during our initial telephone discussion we can determine if your home is appropriate. I’m not talking so much about the furniture or floor coverings, but the light and whether your garden is flower or tree based.

Alternatively the city of Melbourne is full of wonderful locations for portrait photography. Some possible locations include the following:

  • Fitzroy Gardens
  • Studley Park
  • Your local park
  • The Yarra River
  • Beach at Sunset

The Photography Session

The initial photography session might involve photographing one, a few or all members of the family. Usually the photography is completed within an hour, but I’m happy to extend that, where required and at no extra charge, up to 2 hours , for sessions involving young children and babies. I’ll do all I can to make beautiful photographs for you and your family.

Late afternoon light and a great setting guarantees romance and a portrait to remember

What Next’s

All images from the session are processed, except for any I deem below standard which are deleted.

During processing I make basic adjustments to the original file including exposure, contrast, color and white balance.

Once processed I’ll choose what I believe to be the best 50 photographs.

A black-and-white version of each of the remaining 50 images is then produced.

Finally multiple copies (color and black-and-white) of each of the best 50 photographs are saved to CD/DVD in resolutions appropriate for both printing and email.

What You Will Receive

200 images on a CD supplied as follows:

  • 2 copies of each of the best 50 photographs as print-ready high-resolution JPEG files. You will receive 1 set in color and the 2nd set in black-and-white.
  • A further 2 copies of the best 50 photographs are supplied as low-resolution JPEG files that are ideal for email. You will receive 1 set in color and the 2nd set in black-and-white.


Total cost includes the photography on the day, computer work as previously described, writing of the images onto CD and delivery by mail.

$595 (including GST)

Session Times

As I work 7 days a week weekdays, early evenings and weekends are all great times for your photography session. I am, however, often booked for a variety of photography or teaching roles. Booking in advance is therefore essential.


Payment in full is to be paid prior to the shoot beginning.

The cost is non-refundable but, in the event of illness, can be transferred less a non-negotiable $100 transfer fee.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to book a photography session. I can initially be contacted by email at the following address:


© Copyright All Rights Reserved

Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography


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