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My New Name and New Home

Dear Friends,

Greetings and Salutations! I have some very exciting news and an apology for you.

I’m sorry about the lack of new posts over recent weeks. I now operate under a new business name and, as part of a more targeted online strategy, have created a new online home.

The site http://www.travelphotographyguru.com is still under construction, but is functional and I’d be very pleased if you’d visit by clicking HERE.

All of my previous 400 odd posts have been moved to the new site. And, as well as being the place to read my latest posts, there’s an expanded Workshop and Portfolio section. I should also be able to announce a very exciting addition to the site by the end of the week.

The best news is that a lot of the hard work and long hours are over. I can now reclaim a few more hours of my day and get back to blogging. You can expect regular posts on my new site on an almost daily basis.

Thank you so much for your patience over recent weeks. I hope to see you at my new site on a regular basis.

© Copyright All Rights Reserved

Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru


2 Responses

  1. Hi Glenn.

    I took one of your CAE courses earlier this year – you mentioned a web site to purchase camera & equipment from the USA – given the great exchange rate I thought I might have a look but can’t remember what it was.
    Just had a 2 week trip in Tanzania/Kenya to see the migration – got some great animal and sunset shots – thanks for getting my skill levels up.

  2. Hi Julie,

    I haven’t used or been back to this site for almost 2 years.

    My current site, where you can contact me, is http://www.travelphotographyguru.com

    For what its worth the site I reccommend is bhphotovideo.com Its a New York based store where I’ve been shopping since the late 80’s.

    Glenn Guy

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