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Photographing Split Point Lighthouse_Aireys Inlet_at Night

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Days end last Saturday saw my Landscape Photography group arrive at the lovely seaside town of Aireys Inlet at the ideal time to photograph the day’s last light on the river and cliff face that lead onto the beach. After a brisk 10 minutes of activity we headed up the hill to the Split Point Lighthouse where we settled in for a night shoot.

I’m currently researching the purchase of a new tripod and, having sold my last one, had to make due with high ISO (up to and including 1600), wide apertures and slow Shutter Speeds. When the encroaching darkness resulted in shutter speeds of ½ second or longer I had to abandon the idea of a sharp image and embrace the notion of creative blur. Today’s slideshow showcases some of the fun. Towards the end of the shoot one of the participants kindly provided light and color, through the brake lights of his car. I also added some off-camera flash to reduce the intensity of the color and add some extra shadows to the photo of the bottom of the lighthouse.

Once again it just shows what a little bit of ingenuity mixed with a pinch of fun can produce. Never give in when logic says you can’t make great images. It’s a digital camera. Pushing the button a few more times doesn’t cost you any more money and the possibilities for fun and creativity are an added bonus.

Image processing was conducted in Adobe Lightroom 2.

© Copyright All Rights Reserved

Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography


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