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Learn Photography_Journey into Abstraction

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The above series of images was made during a photography class I ran on low light portrait photography. Towards the end of the session I decided to have a bit of fun myself and, after making a few portraits, photographed and series of statues before making some abstract images of the patterns caused by rainwater falling onto the surface of a swimming pool.

No special lenses or filters were required. It’s all about seeing the light, being drawn to the subject and anticipating the fleeting moment.

So, which photographs stay in color and which become rendered into black and white? You’ll notice that the composition of the color images is largely based upon color. I was drawn to the color and am happy for it to be the dominant element in the final picture. The black and white images tend to rely on other, often more subtle, design elements like shape, texture and light. These elements had to be carefully considered, at the time of making the original exposure, and emphasized during processing.

The series also includes a few images featuring what I refer to as spot color. They are basically black and white images where the original color has been allowed to remain in specific/local areas of the image. The effect works well with certain subjects (e.g. black and white portrait of a bride where color is retained in some or all of her flowers) or scenes. But, be careful, too frequent use of this kind of effect diminishes the overall power of the presentation. Do you want to be remembered for your images or for camera or computer-generated effects? This is particularly important as, like fashion, many effects date poorly. I’m old enough to remember album prints where the bride and groom have been superimposed into a brandy balloon glass. That particular special effect has gone the way of the dodo, the boob tube and denim jeans with cuffed flairs. And, just in case your wondering, I admit to having an association with one of these. I hope you guess correctly?

Image processing was completed in Adobe Lightroom 2.

© Copyright All Rights Reserved

Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography


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