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Apple 3Gs iPhone_Shooting Melbourne Architecture

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Welcome back folks. After around 2 weeks without a computer I’m finally up and running and back on line. I have to say the first few days without a computer were a little surreal. I read a book, went for a few walks and undertook some very useful project planning. Except for a terrible flu, which lasted for 10 days, I enjoyed the change in lifestyle. But, now that I have my computer back and have re-installed most of my frequently used applications, I’m glad to be back blogging again.

Today’s post features a series of images made with my Apple 3Gs iPhone during a location shoot as part of an introduction course in photography I was running in the city of Melbourne. As you can see I’ve opted for a slideshow by which to display these images. I hope you enjoy it.

It’s helpful for me to make images during classes and workshops. I find it helps motivate participants and provides them with unique perspectives and approaches to otherwise familiar subject matter. While they tend to be preoccupied with Shutter Speeds, Apertures and ISO I’II always try to bring them back to the light and how they might better tune into what’s going on around them.

All images were processed in Adobe Lightroom 2.

© Copyright All Rights Reserved

Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography


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