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Announcing Launch of New Portrait Website

I’m very happy to announce the launch of my brand new website blueskyphotography.com.au

The site features a clean and relatively simple design that I felt was essential to ensure that it loads quickly and provides an easy and intuitive way to navigate around the site. I want to make special mention of my good friend, Bill Poon, who provided his significant web and design skills to help me create this site.

It seems certain that a range of approaches are required to get your name and images out into the world. This blog is an example in point. It is, by its nature, an educational site. But I’m also a working photographer (travel, portrait and landscape) and need to continually promote those other sides of my business. I enjoy photographing a wide variety of subject matter and working with a diverse range of people. Over my 30-year career this diversity of real life experience has served me well as a teacher of photography. All praise the generalist!

However, the problem with a generalist is that you can appear to be good at a lot of things and a master of nothing. With the possible exception of a small town photographer, which I once was, I don’t think its wise to have a single website that showcases everything you do. It seems a better option, for photographers like me, to have a series of websites that highlight each genre separately.

To take this argument a step further there’s no reason why you wouldn’t have a range of different business cards by which to target different aspects of your business to particular customers or interest groups. Personally I wouldn’t have a business card that read ‘Weddings, Portraits, School and Kindergarten, Commercial, Fashion, Food, Photo Restoration, Aerial and Animal Photography’. You may do a bit of all of these things, but listing them all can make you look like a generalist. And I don’t think that’s what the customer wants. If they’re about to get married they will be looking for a photographer who specializes in that type of photography. By that I mean wedding, not animal, photography.

Of course its important that your website/s tells the world a little bit about yourself, so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t include an extra body of work under the title ‘personal work’, ‘projects’, etc. I would however suggest that any such section be seen to compliment the major aspect of your work being promoted on the site.

Of course there are always exceptions to the rule. Let’s look at another, slightly different, example. My good friend Bill Poon is a commercial photographer who moved into graphic design a number of years ago. This means that he can offer his commercial customers a one-stop solution. The fact that he is able to handle multiple aspects of the job, from conception to completion, makes life a lot easier for the customer. This niche business model also allows Bill to stand out from the vast majority of photographers and graphic designers working independently of each other.

Bill currently works with a select group of customers and, therefore, doesn’t need to spend a lot of time promoting his business. But, if he did, he could easily create a website that promotes both sides of his business. In this case the two seemingly different areas of expertise are brought together to offer a more seamless service.

Interestingly Bill’s current website, billpoonphotodesign.com, is dedicated entirely to his photography. The site is divided into the following categories: Fashion, Artists, BodyArt, Nudes, and Skin+Bones. A quick look at the site will demonstrate that, in Bill’s case, the variety of areas covered are all linked by his own, individual approach to photography. They are all stylistically linked.

So, ultimately, you could look at my advice and determine whether or not it is suitable to your own areas of photographic endeavor and business model.

Today’s launch highlights my portrait and wedding work. I’II be adding more images (babies, children and family portraits) to the site over coming months. Even though I rarely photograph weddings these days, as the images are all portrait based, I’ve included a wedding section on the site. They were also a lot of fun to produce. There’s also a travel photography section. I think potential customers will be interested in how I approach and photograph people who aren’t paying me to photograph them. As is the case with my blog, the travel section showcases my world-view as much as it does my photography.

Over the next few months I may well move both the wedding and travel photography sections off this site. I certainly plan to have a site dedicated to my travel photograph, which would include landscapes and architecture from my domestic and overseas travels. There’s also likely to be a landscape photography site that showcases this significant area of my portfolio. I look forward to announcing these new sites to you within the coming months.

I expect this blog to remain a central component in my communication strategy. With that in mind I’ll ensure that, as these sites are launched, an appropriate link is included to each of them via my blog site.

I do hope you’ll take the time to visit this initial site, showcasing some of my portrait, wedding and travel photography by clicking on this link.

© Copyright All Rights Reserved

Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography


2 Responses

  1. Hi Glenn,

    Good job on getting the website up. Nice discussion about communication strategies to avoid appearing the generalist. I’ve been grappling with such issues myself lately, was a helpful read.



  2. Hi Cam,

    Great to hear from you and thanks for the feedback on my new website.



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