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Blog Schedule for 2010

I’d like to take this opportunity to announce a new schedule for my blog during 2010. Last year I posted, almost every day of the year, on a variety of subjects, techniques and photography genres. I added and re-organized the blog inline with the posts I produced. Now that my blog has become a pretty good reference source I felt a slightly more organized approach to the type and timing of posts is now appropriate.

An outline of my plan for 2010 can be described as follows:

Monday – Travel Photography

You can expect local and overseas images and writings exploring destinations, people and technical concerns facing the wanderer within us all. I decided to schedule my travel-based posts on Mondays to bring some joy to many who face the beginning of the working week with diminished enthusiasm.

Tuesday – Industry News

This is not a site for ‘full on’ reviews. I’m just not that interested in either reading or writing that type of post. Rather you can expect short and to the point (and somewhat biased) commentary on the products, gadgets and trends that are of interest to today’s photographers.

Wednesday – People Photography

A variety of people-based photography will be explored on Wednesdays. Formal portraits, environmental portraits, candid, flash and experimental photography will all be featured.

Thursday – Tech Talk

Articles on light, color, design, genres and camera techniques will all be explored. Where possible an image will be included to illustrate the article.

Friday – Pic of the Week

I’m really glad to be continuing my ‘pic of the week’ posts that ran most weeks last year. As was the case during 2009 you should expect most of these images to be landscape or nature based. Hopefully that will provide many of you with an extra incentive to get out and commit photography over the coming weekend.

Saturday – Quote of the Week

I’II be commenting on a series of fun, challenging and thought provoking quotes from which we can all find relevance. Where appropriate I’II include an image to illustrate the quote and/or my commentary.

Sunday – Image Processing Tips

Here’s some great news for users of Adobe products. Whether you’re a Lightroom, Camera RAW, Elements or Photoshop CS4 user you’ll find articles designed to educate and help you along the way to producing great images.

There are other exciting changes that I expect to be able to announce around the end of January 2010. I work hard to provide content that’s interesting, informative, relevant and explained in a way that’s easy to understand and relatively straightforward to apply. Please feel free to visit regularly.

© Copyright All Rights Reserved

Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography


4 Responses

  1. Hi Glen

    Looking forward to the posts for 2010. I’m so glad you find the time to write articles *one every day is a huge committment!) I’ve found them a great source of inspiration and education.


  2. Hi Suzanne,
    Happy New Year! Its great to hear from you again and thanks so much for the positive feedback. Your right it’s not easy posting so regularly, but I’m nothing if not determined. And I do have great hopes for this site and other associated projects.

    Kindest Regards,


  3. Hi again Glenn

    Just wondering if you know of other photographers that post educational photography blogs? It would be great if you had a page of links to other’s blogs that you know. It would help increase your readership (not that you need much help!) and help the readers of your blog link to other quality blogs. Just a thought…


  4. Hi Suzanne,

    I’ve wondered about this and have checked out numerous blogs with the intention of providing links to and from as you’ve suggested. I suspect I will as part of a new interface for the blog which I’m currently exploring. It may take a little time, but I think I’II probably do it over the next month or two.

    Thanks for the suggestion,


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