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Detail_Seated Buddha Statue_Bagan_Myanmar

Leica M6 camera and Leica 35mm f2 Summicron-M lens with Kodak Ektachrome Elite 100 Extra Color film

Leica M6 camera and Leica 35mm f2 Summicron-M Aspherical lens with Kodak Ektachrome Elite 100 Extra Color film

Myanmar (Burma) is a very special country, rich in history with a sublime natural beauty. The peaceful and deeply spiritual nature of the Bamar majority permeates everyday life. Their Buddhist beliefs have helped them cope with a range of difficulties over the years, including the devastation caused by Cyclone Nargis that ravaged the country on 2 and 3 May 2009.

This image was made in Bagan, the country’s most glorious and well-known ancient capital. It’s a wondrous place for exploration and offers photographers a wealth of subject matter including architecture and religious iconography.

The original 35mm color transparency was made with the aid of side lighting, to emphasize the shape and texture present within the statue. The scanned transparency processed in Adobe Camera RAW and Adobe Photoshop CS4.

In all of my travels Myanmar ranks up there with my best. I hope to return to soon.

© Copyright All Rights Reserved

Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography


2 Responses

  1. Thanks buddy! Could I share the image of Buddha. Thanks anyway.

  2. Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t used this site for almost 2 years.

    My current site is http://www.travelphotographyguru.com

    I’m happy for you to use the image in question providing you honor the following:

    * my name (Glenn Guy, Travel Photography Guru) is attributed as the maker of the photo everytime and everywhere the image is shared
    * the image is not used, in part or full, in any commercial manner without my permission.

    All the best,

    Glenn Guy

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