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Two Kids_New Year Celebrations_Lhasa_Tibet

Leica M6 camera and Leica 35mm f2 Summicron lens with Kodak Ektachrome Elite 100 Extra Color film

Leica M6 camera and Leica 35mm f2 Summicron-M Aspherical lens with Kodak Ektachrome Elite 100 Extra Color film

This image was made during my second trip to Tibet in January 2000. I photographed these two kids in front of a professional photography studio where they’d just left after participating in a family portrait sitting. I made a couple of images of the kids and of the larger family group prior to being shoed away, with a broom, by the woman who ran the photography studio.

The original image was made on 35mm transparency (slide) film, prior to being scanned and processed with Adobe Camera RAW and Adobe Photoshop CS4.

I love children and very much enjoy the way they wear their heart on their sleeve. You know where you stand with kids, they either warm to you or they don’t. But if you treat them with respect and show a genuine interest in their lives you will be rewarded with honesty and raw emotions, the like so often held in check by adults dealing with each other.

The two kids in this image where a little unsure of me. And that’s fair enough, given that the entire process of meeting and photographing the family took only around 2 minutes. Add to that appearance, language and behavioral differences and I glad to have ended up with such a good image. It just proves that, as long as your motivation is pure, it’s worth grabbing opportunities when they present themselves. I’d also add that in photography, as in life, we make our own opportunities.

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Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography


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