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Anyone for Tantric?

Photo by Joanne Moloney. Nikon F60 camera and Nikon 17-55mm lens

Photo by Joanne Moloney. Nikon F60 camera and Nikon 17-55mm lens

This image was made on Sunday, September 20th during a portrait workshop I was running at an artist retreat in outer Melbourne, Australia. The original image was made by one of the participants, Joanne Moloney.

As you can see I’ve had a bit too much fun turning Joanne’s pic, with its original black background, into this malady of mysticism. Not that I’m against spiritualism, quite the contrary. It’s just that when dealing with an image of oneself, it’s hard to know when to stop. Is it not?

My usual ruddy complexion must have been a little hotter than normal. I was also pretty tired on the day the image was made. I decided a black-and-white rendering would produce a less frightening result. Happy with the outcome, I though I’d play around a bit further. But, once you start down the creative path in Adobe Photoshop CS4, it’s anyone’s guess where you’ll end up.

So, there I am. A relatively straightforward portrait with a totally created background that includes a night sky, curtain and Hindu/Buddhist-like iconography. Hope you don’t mind this treatment of your original image Joanne. It was a good pic, but I was in the mood for messing around.

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Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography


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