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Working on the Wedding Speech_Part 2

Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 50mm f1.2 lens Exposure Details: 1/4 second @ f4 ISO 800

Canon 5D Mark II camera and Canon 24-105mm f4 L series lens at 24mm. Exposure Details: 1/10 second @ f5 ISO 800 with Canon 580EX II flash

Now these lads are clearly up to no good. They are supposed to be providing support to the groom in the hours prior to the wedding service. So, do we blame the school system or the parents?

Actually these are two pretty amazing guys. Frank and Pat acted as best man and groomsman to my nephew, Richard. Frank is an amazing guy, a natural entertainer and showman with a heart of gold. He’s a stand-up comedian, singer, producer and cameraman. I’ve had the joy and pleasure of working with Frank previously on a TV documentary for Foxtel, an Australian pay TV provider. Staring world champion swimmer, Ian Thorpe, ‘Fish Out Of Water’ explored numerous issues and challenges relating to the environment. Right from the beginning of the project it was my belief that, despite a range of challenges and difficulties, “Frankie was the glue that made the crew stick”. Our groom Richard directed the project and his partner, our lovely bride, Michelle, provided research and scripting. And what a team they’ve turned out to be.

Pat, Richard’s younger brother is a very talented guitarist. His gentle soul, passion and dedication to his chosen vocation are an inspiration to all in our family. He’s the youngest child of my elder sister, Maree. Rachel, numero uno, tops the charts as Maree and Steve’s first born. Both Maree and Rachel enjoy successful careers as secondary school teachers.

The wedding, though a wonderful day, provided numerous technical challenges which I’II outline over coming days. Perhaps the most difficult challenge was the timing of the wedding. Late July is the depth of winter in Australia and, with the service finishing around 5pm, low light shooting was the order of the day.

Despite a long and diverse career in photography, I didn’t convert to digital shooting until around 3 1/2 years. With a fairly traditional photographic training I’ve shot the vast majority of my images at film speeds of ISO 100 or slower. Even today I prefer to employ my camera at its ISO 100 default. Almost all shots on the day of the wedding were made indoors, under very low lighting conditions. This required shooting at ISO 800 and 1600 for almost all images. I employed fill flash to lighten shadows and provided a boost to image sharpness at the low Shutter Speeds under which I was forced to shoot. And this is despite the use of the amazing light gathering capabilities of a beautiful Canon 50mm f1.2 L series lens I employed throughout most of the day.

So, when the conditions are against you, it sometimes makes sense to allow the slow Shutter Speed required by the low light to enhance the image through some creative blur. I found the lads most amenable to this approach and the wide end of my Canon 24-105mm zoom the ideal focal length.

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Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography


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