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Bleached Rocks_Whisky Bay_Wilsons Promontory National Park

Leica M7 camera and Leica 21mm f2.8 Elmarit lens with Fuji Velvia 100F film

Leica M7 camera and Leica 35mm f2 Summicron-M Aspherical lens with Fuji Velvia 100F film

Wilsons Promontory National Park covers the southern most part of the Australian mainland. Located in southeast Victoria the park offers a range of short and overnight walks allowing the visitor to explore magical beaches, enchanting forests and wonderful mountain top views. A stay of between 3 days and several weeks will allow the visitor to experience serene beauty enhanced by an often-sublime light. All this, together with changeable weather patterns, is what makes the prom a photographers delight.

The above image was made with late afternoon light at Whisky Bay, a short drive from the popular Tidal River campground. I remember being drawn to this particular composition by the textures and rusty orange color of the rocks against the cool blue of the sky. The fact that only a small amount of sky is included places further emphasise on the rocks. An aperture of f22 provided the large Depth of Field (DOF) ensuring that all the rocks remain sharp, from foreground to background.

The original film based image was processed in Adobe Photoshop CS3.

© Copyright All Rights Reserved

Glenn Guy, Blue Sky Photography


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